Helle Kettner Høeberg

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Ph.D. Candidate in Communication

sports and media relations

Model of strategic management of sport communication in mega events:

The case of Tour de France, Vuelta a España and Giro d’Italia and their media relations.

My aim of this research is to analyse how the three grand tours are managing the media relations, to compare them and identify flaws and good working methods and then propose a model of do's and dont's.


Radio & magazine

I am a music journalist at Ràdio Ciutat de Tarragona, where I do my weekly program Trójkat about music and culture in Tarragona.


I am also a music journalist at the online indie music

magazine in Catalan La Nova Escena.


I could not understand the world without music.

Helle Kettner Høeberg

Journalist and Ph.D. Candidate in Communication

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