Helle Kettner Høeberg

Journalist and Ph.D. Candidate in Communication

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about me

Journalist and Ph.D. Candidate in Communication

About me


Among my favorite things in the world, I would say that the fact people still ask you to send them a fax makes my top 3.


Sports and music share the second spot on the ranking.


The absolute #1 is communication, journalism and PR.


I am a journalist by profession, degree and vocation.


I currently develop my Ph.D. studies in the Department of Communication Studies at the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Catalonia).

My thesis focuses on cycling and PR, with special emphasis on the three grand tours and their media relations. I could not have asked for a more desirable object of study for my Ph.D.


Music journalist


When I am not doing research on bicycles and communication. I am a music journalist at Ràdio Ciutat de Tarragona, where I do my weekly program Trójkat, and at the online indie music magazine in Catalan La Nova Escena.

I could not understand the world without music.


Please feel free to contact me for doubts, future collaborations or whatever is on your mind.


mail@hellekettner.com | Twitter @HelleKettner