Corsa rosa, ti amo!

Helle Kettner Høeberg

Journalist and Ph.D. Candidate in Communication

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Giro d’Italia

Day 2: Corsa rosa, ti amo!

Corsa rosa, ti amo!

Helle Kettner - Italy - 26.05.2016



Fantàstica e bella è la corsa rosa! E Italia e tutto! After yesterday’s disappointment of having to wait a day to start my fieldwork for my PhD in this year’s Giro d’Italia, everything had another colour today. Pink.


I got up like at fuck o’clock just in case Trenitalia had decided to do another strike or something similar. I got on a train and then on another one and short after I landed in the middle of nowhere. That nowhere was the small train station Lissone-Muggiò far away from pink. I spotted two cheering girls fully dressed in pink in the horizon just getting out of the train. They ended up taking me by car to the press accreditation area in the city center. Italians are not so bad after all.


Short after being accredited (with a piece of paper, as their manufacturing-accreditation-machine had died), everything was pink. I love how people go all in in decorating their houses and shops. A lot like in the Tour de France and nothing like in the Vuelta a España. I went around a bit to check out the hospitality zone and the foglio firma, where the riders sign in before the stage. Short after arriving to the stage a ragazza bella shows up with the golden Giro trophy. I’m very impressed with the Giro’s paraphernalia, so much class for 200 sweaty men on bikes!


I found my roadtrip partner, a Spanish journalist, who has been so kind to adopt me for the next few days. And so the roadtrip started. The first we see when arriving to the headquarter in Pinerolo is a journalist from La Gazzetta dello Sport telling us where the buffet is (seriously this Italy thing is way better today than yesterday!).


The rest of the day went flying by watching cycling, talking to the staff at the Giro and to journalists from around the world. This first day of acquaintance with la corsa rosa has been fantastic. On the contrary of what today’s winner, Matteo Trentin, said at the press conference about the next couple of days being about surviving, for me it’s all about enjoying them.